We just got home from a little trip to the very cool and very vegan city of Berlin, oh how we ate! But more about that on our next blog post, because right now I feel the need to tell you about the next upcoming event, since it is only a month away. I am talking about the Vegan Christmas festival, or as most of us know it: Vegansk Julefestival. And for the second time around Ficus will be having a stand there, selling food. This time, the festival will be taking place at Chateau Neuf, in Majorstuen, Oslo on november 26 and 27.

I remember last year, how long the queue was, I was surprised to see that people were waiting for about an hour to get into a vegan christmas festival. I guess they were very intrigued by it, and perhaps wanting some change from the traditional holiday dinner. I also remember how much the media got involved with the whole vegan and vegetarian Christmas situation, I had never seen so many headlines such as: “Try vegetarian this Christmas!” and “Meat free Christmas dinner”. We can all say with certainty that being vegan or at least eating vegan food is not seen as weird or even crazy anymore.


Here´s a nice video from last year´s festival (Yay! you can see our logo there!)

I remember also preparing for the festival last year and how nervous I was. It was the first time I would make food for a festival and I had no clue how to do it. The prices, the amount of food, the type of food. Specially because it was suppose to be “Christmassy” and I had never made much of that before. Nevertheless I managed to get some volunteers, some red decor paper I found at my mom´s basement, got the logo done on time before the festival and printed the very first business cards for Ficus! Everything went pretty well. Except I made way too much food, slept only two hours the night before and stressed more than I should have. By the end I was pretty much destroyed and could not wait to get home and sleep, but I did have a lot of fun and people seemed to really like the food. It was also really cozy meeting the vegan community at its finest moments; eating vegan food together with other people who did not think they were crazy. I left the place happy and satisfied - and with lots of leftovers. I have many friends to thank for helping me all the way :) They know who they are.

This year we invited a friend and colleague called Vincent which will be making and planning the menu together with us for the festival. He is a French cook, do I need to say more? The food will taste awesome and you need to try it!  At the stand we will also be selling some of our lovely raw vegan candy and some cheeses for people to give as Christmas presents.

Here´s a little sneak peek! 

Here´s a little sneak peek! 

If you are interested in something different this Christmas, then this is the right place to visit. Also if you want to eat really, really, really good food - come to our stand!