Note: This post is written in English and so will all our future blog posts. We would like to include everyone and make communication easier, so we chose English because of it being a global language. We do admit there might be some grammar errors and such, but as long as you can understand what we are trying to point out, then that is what really matters to us the most.

Photo: Asbjørn Skybakmoen Korntorp

After a long time of planning the future for Ficus, then relaxing (a lot!), then planning some more, we have come to an agreement that we will be blogging more about what Ficus is all about and what Ficus was meant to become in the first place. You see, it all started with food, but it will not always be about food only.

First, I want to give you an introduction to how everything came to be:

In the summer of 2015. my dear friend Franchesca and I (Magdalena) had the spontaneous idea of walking around Oslo selling energy balls and other snacks (Read the article about us on the Norwegian vegan society here). That was just for fun,  then the fun continued as the thought of having that much fun for well...all the time, seemed like something worth doing. Besides we got so much good feedback; it was super rewarding! Franchesca went on with her own strives, while I left my job at the health food and traveled to Hawaii to work at a Permaculture Jungle farm. After so much inspiration I decided to come back to Norway and continue with Ficus. I wanted to include many people on this project, but at the time no one was up for it. Meanwhile I was recovering from a long history of Eating Disorder, so let's say I took my time. Ficus helped me gain power and motivation for life and it still does. 

Franchesca, who now gives yoga and meditation classes, and I with a bike we borrowed from Greenpeace. Our first logo was drawn by Adrian Rørheim, who now works at the Foundation for Effective Altruism in Berlin. 

After many ups and downs and incredible amount of ideas for the business, I slowly figured out I had to give Ficus a focus point, so that it could start somewhere - and that was going to be catering. But catering was never the dream, it was just part of a bigger picture. From this day on the business still is about catering food, but that is all about to change.

A bit more than half a year ago, I partnered up with a beautiful soul named Asbjørn and he is as into the project as I am, which gives me better hope to finally reach the dream I have been having for Ficus since it started. We have met people who share similar dreams and are willing to become a part of this project. Our future will bring many exciting happenings, that is for sure.

On our next blog post we will be taking a much more personal approach, introducing ourselves and our lifestyles. 

Presenting so fashionably the food we made for an event called "Connect", in August 2016


Thank you for all the love and support,

Magdalena Bourguet.