Let us introduce ourselves:


We are a couple of entrepreneurs living in Norway, with the dream of making possibilities for people to engage into a world full of trust and kindness towards each other. We both love to travel, we are creative, open minded, versatile and like to live a healthy lifestyle as much as possible. Novelty and sustainability are core values we both strongly share and will take us on our road to reach our most desired goals in life. We are two people that dream big and together we collide perfectly and are able to mash our creativeness and make our dreams happen.


Asbjørn is a very honest and charming individual with a huge heart and love for life. A film producer, recognized for his work on TV advertising. He also owns a beautiful family heritage farm located in Finnskogen. In his earlier years he has traveled all around Norway giving meditation courses with his successful “20 simple ways to meditate”. Now, apart from Ficus, he works with sound system sale and rental for DagSound. Cycling, red wine, Italian food and sound are some of his most favorite things. You can follow his personal Instagram profile: @skogsfilosofen (The forest philosopher).

Magdalena is the food designer, specialized in plant based foods, with a BA in Nutrition science. She first started Ficus as a catering business by herself until she partnered up with Asbjørn. As a result of earlier long experiences with an eating disorder she took an interest in subjects such as self love, Intuitive eating and positive psychology. She also works part-time as a cook at No5, making vegan kiosk products. Some of her favorite things (except making food) are tea drinking, covering herself with mud, gardening and dancing. She too has an Instagram profile: @mag.bou

With the use of this blog, we would like to invite you into our world; to see our characteristic, maybe a bit unusual living and perhaps you will feel inspired and motivated to live life to the fullest and to trust yourselves and others. To reach all your potential and to enjoy every moment more deeply. Or to the very least give you a touch of entertainment :)


We will be covering subjects such as:


Health, nutrition and food

Non violent approaches to life

Spiritualism, meditation and yoga

Psychological struggles

Future developing projects

Traveling, music and festivals.


Food recipes

and much more!


Follow us to see more pictures of our lovely food: @ficus_passion