It seems I need to take a long break from food making.


Both my wrists have gotten a bit of an overload, so to speak. I got a Ganglion cyst on my left wrist and the one on my right one does not have any cyst but it does hurt. I can still make some food, but not at the same level as I used to and not as much as I would like to either. I cannot lift any heavy stuff or make any repetitive movements with my wrists. I am able to make smoothies and soups that do not require cutting hard vegetables, stuff like that. It is very annoying and the only thing that cures it is to stop using them for awhile, until they get better. I will have to be more careful next time.

It is not like I have been working super hard, but almost everything I have been doing lately has required heavy use of my wrists. Apart from the work I did at No5 where I made products for their kiosk, I have also been doing a lot of yoga, trying to master my hand stand and massaging people from time to time. I love massaging and have become really good at it, but now, because I have been reckless enough, I have to put my practice to rest.

Lesson learned! :) 

Good thing we are soon leaving to South America for a summer vacation, more about that on later posts!