Here I am, at my mom's place in the country side, only about an hours drive from Oslo. It's really nice here; so quiet and peaceful. Every time I pass by the neighbors' farm house, I see an isolated pregnant sheep that's seems to be so lonely she yells until you come greet and cuddle with her. She's seems so innocent, so unknowing of her path, the only thing I can do is to be with her for some minutes, talk - touch - care for her. I mean, she's pregnant. Now, I don't know much about farm animals, but I'm assuming that a pregnant sheep can't be that much different from a pregnant human being, they both have hormonal changes, feeling rather sensitive at times, and need love just as much as we do.  

Anyway, right now I'm drinking yerba mate and the caffeine is getting fast through my system, giving me inspiration to write a little something, so here's to you and to all human beings:

Hello!! Give me love! 

Hello!! Give me love! 


If you want peace and harmony in this world, create harmony and peace around you, by being harmonious, by showing compassion, by loving one another - animals, human beings and your selves.

If you want war, create war around you, by creating dissonance, by being indifferent and by killing one another - animals, human beings and your selves.

What do you want?

There's no changing the world or the natural order of life. Nature is cruel, nature is beautiful, nature is love and nature is war.

But we can pass beyond that. Beyond nature.

We can change our selves and go beyond the animal self. The sometimes cruel, sometimes smart, sometimes happy, sometimes sad, sometimes loving, sometimes confused, sometimes asleep, sometimes awake self.

So again, what do you want?

To stay as a smart caveman or to become a super awesome being? call it spiritual, call it god-like, call it whatever you want, it doesn't really matter how you categorize it. What does matter is to go beyond, aiming higher without hurting one another.

Albert Einstein 

Albert Einstein 

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