The capital of Argentina, "a very meat eating country", is taking a new and more compassionate look and seems eager to join the green wave. 

They may not see it, but I believe in it! 

Their need for taking care of others have left us with the impression that they are very compassionate people. Like I mentioned on my previous post; strangers on the streets kept telling Asbjørn to be careful with his camera and when people saw us looking around for street names, they immediately wanted to help us.

Despite of their big «Asado» meetings, they like «their meat» to be just like it used to be; grass fed and well taken care of. Now, things are changing and they don’t seem to be taking a liking to this. People are used to good quality meat, which makes them more aware of what’s happening with this industry. Also, they protest, they protest a lot. 

And sometimes, their protesting powers get somewhere good, like for example the  zoo of Buenos Aires becoming a former zoo, now called: "Eco park".  We were there a few months after they opened. Some animals were still there, as it isn't easy to move them all, but they are trying the best they can. Using the park for education, instead of animal exhibition. It's quite a fascinating process and a sad reminder of a cruel past. 

These happy ducks were running around freely! 

What will happen to the animals in the park? A matter taken seriously.

And of course, there’s the trend. The trend to be healthy and conscious. And the people of Buenos Aires seem to be very «in» these days. Those inside the «green» movement are calling it: «conscious food» and «conscious eating».

A big selection of organic Yerba Mate, of course! 

It was not easy to find good dark chocolate in Buenos Aires, but this place has them all, also sugar free and organic ones at "Mamuschka" chocolate store at the Recoleta Mall. 

At the "Bio Market" in Recoleta, a newly opened organic store, we found many wines that were marked as Vegan. Some wines have additives such as gelatin, casein and egg white,  but most Organic ones don't. This guide goes in handy.

The beautiful city of Buenos Aires and their inhabitants are making it easy for vegetarians and vegans to eat out; offering several organic, plant based restaurants and stores in fast, growing numbers!

Our favorite organic food store, Punto Vegetal, in Palermo.

Compensating for the cheese as usual! Nevertheless this pizza tasted good, at  "La Esquina de Las Flores" in Palermo. 

They keep popping new places all the time and they are not all registered in systems such as Happy cow. So it's not uncommon to stumble upon cool, random veggie places. Our favorite one was Naturaleza Sabia, which lies in San Telmo neighborhood. A beautiful looking place, cosy atmosphere and great food! Others we liked are Buenos Aires Verde and Casa Munay. 

Starters at Naturaleza Sabia. Cold green soup with spreads on toast.

Beautiful inside! 

Good ol' fashion gnocchi with pesto. Amazing!

Raw food at Buenos Aires Verde

Great place for lunch! at Casa Munay. 

Yes, there even is vegan pizza delivery just like the other ones! They use "paparella" which is a potato based cheese.