This is the start of a series called “South American trippin” where I will be highlighting moments of our trip and showing you the beautiful pictures Asbjørn has taken! Although I’m sorry to say the first post will only have the pictures I took with my phone, because I didn’t have my camera man around me by that time. We also decided to highlight the most and least compassionate parts of every place we visited, so you will find that at the end of every blog entry. 

It began in Argentina. I went alone first, visited my dad who lives in Palermo, right in front of the Botanical Garden, with an incredible view.

Not too bad! 

Not too bad! 

I was there for  one day, then he took me and his wife on a road trip down to North of Patagonia. We spent about a week (minus 2 days drive back and forth) in a place called Villa la Angostura, by the border of Chile, and the Andes mountain range. I don’t have many good pictures from this place, but I assure you it was a beautiful sight.  

Passing Las Pampas province  

Lakes, forests, cold climate, pretty much like going back to Norway, only the water from the spring taste like swimming pool. There are many handmade chocolate shops. A bunch of sweet and healthy street dogs giving tourists some company. Cool hiking spots; when my dad and her wife took a trip to Chile and left me in the cabin (I forgot my passport back in BA), I took a loner hike around the area, where I had the view of the Andes mountains full of volcanic ash. I was not completely alone though, two dogs started following me and kept me company until I reached my destination. At the end of the hike I could no longer move, I had walked constantly for about 6 hours on terrains full of stones, hills and a lot of wind. It was amazing! People there looked at me like I was crazy; everyone drove a car.

We are approaching our destination!  This is west side of Neuquén province. 

Walking on ashes 

All that gray area on the top of the Andes is volcanic ash, leftovers from the Chilean Puyehue-Gordón volcano eruption in 2011. 

Finding decent food was a bit tough that week. I Survived on a diet based on nuts, oranges and salads with avocados, tomato, carrots and cabbage pretty much the whole trip (which is pretty good!)  I tried cooking but the water tasted too much of chlorine, everything got destroyed!

 I was at the only health food store that existed there, but unfortunately they had no plant "milk". You see, I was thinking I could make some porridge -  something nutritious, easy and without using water, but the oats tasted very strange and the only thing near plant "milk" was this: 

Later, I found out what "Alpiste" means and it's a seed coming from the "Canary Grass" which is commonly used in bird food. I have been eating bird food! 

Later, I found out what "Alpiste" means and it's a seed coming from the "Canary Grass" which is commonly used in bird food. I have been eating bird food! 


Most compassionate: Street dogs are really well taken cared of and they are really friendly.

Less compassionate: No veggie places to eat. A lot of meat and fish.  

After that challenging visit to Patagonia, I was back in the beautiful city of Buenos Aires, impatiently awaiting the arrival of Asbjørn and for our new adventure to begin!  Which you will be able to read about in the next blog entry.