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So our adventure together started here, along with our «compassionate food» project around South America. With Buenos Aires being one of our favorite places to be and a quite compassionate one too!

We spent two weeks in Buenos Aires. We also spent Christmas and New years eve with la familia before we headed up north. We walked like camels and ate like kings! Oh and had a lot of champagne as well. 

Gotta have our Yerba Mate fix every morning! Cheers!

Definetely better to have a camera man when you travel! 

This was not Christmas nor New Year's eve; at my family's home there's always champagne! 

People here were very kind to us; they would constantly warn us about getting robbed, specially when walking around with a fancy camera. They could get a little too paranoid at times. «Strangers» would always help us find our way safely. We didn't even need to ask, they could probably see our lost faces and immediately guide us on a better path. I'm guessing it must be common for people to get lost in this immense city! 

And what a city it is indeed! Full of parks, trees covering the big spacious streets and beautiful architecture! 

The planetarium!

The food situation was not hard at all, there were lots of cool places to eat well and buy organic, plant based food (but more about this on a later post). What was difficult here was to go hungry and get bored! So much to see, so much to eat. 

In Piola They had a nice vegetarian menu with good vegan choices. 

The best vegan ice cream is at: "Buenos Aires Verde" in Palermo. 

We really liked this organic food store: "Punto Vegetal" also in Palermo. 


Most compassionate: Friendly and helpful people. Great restaurant options for compassionate eaters.

Less compassionate: Still a lot of meat and their famous Asados (BBQ)