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After one night in Lima we took the plane straight to Rio de Janeiro, our last stop before heading back to Buenos Aires. Here we were going to meet some Brazilian friends that have family living in Norway. They have a beautiful cabin outside of the city, inside the jungle which we were going to stay at, but first we had to stay one night in Rio, so that we could head up to the wilderness the following morning. 

The beaches, the food, the fancy apartments and right beside that, the favela. Rio is a place of big contracts. Our first impressions being on central areas, passing also Copacabana beach and Ipanema, was that looks seem to be important there; at the beach you can find the most fit people working out, showing off their oily pumped up muscles and beautifully expensive dresses. Everything seemed to be about money and fancy things. We walked a lot looking for vegan restaurants, drank some fresh coconut water, had acaí ice cream and then decided we had enough. We were more excited to experience the jungle!

After many hours, we found this organic and plant based restaurant. it was delicious! They served small dishes with mushrooms presented like a work of art and Kombucha on champagne glass. 

I'm sure that if we had been in the city for a longer time we had found a lot of cool stuff to do and we may have loved it. But we were there only one night so we didn't really get to know much of the city. Our first impressions were not memorable, they were OK. 

The beach and artsy mushrooms are fine! But it wasn't until we got outside of the city and began our mini adventure in the midst of the jungle. Now that was what we came here for.

From this view...

...To this view!

How amazing is that?

In the jungle, there was no shortage of water, nor it was filtered with chlorine or fluoride. Just good ol' fashioned clean and fresh water from the streams and in great abundance.  There are no words to describe such a place. The sounds of all those animals, the monkeys, the spiders and the clay walls, hammocks, plants of all kinds and a fresh air that you could never breath inside of the city. 
This was heaven.
And look at the way we cooked our food! With a wood stove ... oven? Made of clay!

Time was not a thing of concern here, there was time to read lots of books...

...Ponder at the awesome view...

...Swim and freshen up at the nearest water fall stream...

...Relax on the hammock, watch Colibris, listen to all the sounds of the jungle and meet other earthly creatures! 

It's difficult to judge the compassionate level here, since we didn't really spend much time in Rio, watching civilization. Most of the time was spent in the jungle where there was no civilization, just a bunch of crazy plants, animals and us included. 

This was the last part of our South American Trippin' series. After Rio, we went back to Buenos Aires, spent a few days there without taking many pictures. We were sick for several days. I'm guessing it was all the impacts from our trip. We packed our bags, said good bye to our friends and family and headed back home to Norway to write this.