Plant based nice cream!


This "nice cream" has a very delicate flavor, a bit of caramel and cookie-ish taste. Perfect for health aficionados and those that like to explore their palate horizons! 


Mix all these ingredients with your blender/hand blender:

2 frozen bananas 

1 tbsp Lucuma powder

1 tsp Maca powder

1 tbsp yacón syrup

1 tbsp Cacao nibs

Some chunks of chocolate, fresh strawberries and almonds on top

There you go, now you can eat it straight away or leave it to chill a bit more in the freezer. 

*These are not the cheapest nor most local ingredients if you come from a north part of the world. I made this when we were in South America and bought many of these ingredients in Peru. Nevertheless they are in the market and not difficult to find if you live in a city. They have these in many health food stores. 

*I use Yacón syrup because it's a very tasty sweetener that doesn't affect blood sugar levels as other sugar syrups might. It's suppose to contain a good amount of minerals as well and also used for its prebiotic effects. You can use maple syrup which is similar in taste if you can't find yacon, or I guess date syrup would also work pretty nicely! You can, of course, use any other sweetener, but it will not taste the same.  

*Lucuma powder is fantastic for making ice cream, it's used as a sweetener and will make things taste a bit caramel-like. It's just wonderful!