I have always loved vegetables, but there are some that have been a bit difficult to include in my diet (like cruciferous vegetables). Dealing with an eating disorder for 12 years of my life, had eventually pretty much destroyed my stomachs' ability to digest properly. Probably due to the huge amount of stress I was giving to my self. So a part from hormonal imbalances there were also gut flora imbalances which made everything very difficult. All these resulted in a series of problems, among them Irritabel Bowel Syndrom (IBS), which was great excuse to not eat certain foods and to be even more careful with portions sizes, but unfortunately it felt like crap most of the time.

Anyways, after taking care of my illness, I began recovering and slowly including all of these wonderful ingredients I missed so much and lacked in my diet! Now I freely eat a huge amount of broccoli, kale, spicy foods, legumes, and so on, without feeling bloated and extremely gassy for days. 

Now i got a recipe for you who can eat this! Are you ready? There are a lot of greens in here, of those that most people would drink in a smoothie. I learned to eat them though, I think you can too. 

If you're not too keen on eating just green veggies, then add dressings, healthy and creamy dressings! 

Salad for 2 people (who eat big portions)

The Super Greens:
1 cup (236 ml) kale, cut in chunks or smaller pieces
½ broccoli (small), cut the florets in two to make them easier to eat.
2 cups (473 ml) spinach (baby leaf).
1 celery, cut in small pieces. 
1 avocado, cut in slices. 

*the measuring of cups is not that important here, you can cut as much veggies as you want. You can also use a tea mug to measure the cups, we're not dealing with heavy chemistry here.

Cut these to a size you prefer and toss them on a salad bowl. 
Then, inside your blender, toss these following ingredients and mix until smooth: 

1 cup (236 ml) shelled sesame seeds with 1 cup water
2 cloves garlic, or more if you are a garlic fan.
1 tsp Himalayan/sea salt (you can use less or none if you’re trying to cut down on salt)
1 squeezed lemon juice
1 tbsp extra virgin olive oil/sesame oil
If you like, add 1 tbsp tahini for extra smoothness

+ if you got some leftover carrot soup like I had, then go ahead and mix it together with the sesame dressing. It will add some sweetness. 

+ I also toasted 2 tbsp quinoa to the salad, which has kind of a popcorn-like taste. 

There you go! Now you can add the dressing to the salad and with two big spoons mix it well, so that it's all incorporated. Eat and enjoy :) 

*This is not quite RAW because I added tahini, plus carrot soup and toasted quinoa. So, if you want it RAW just skip all that. 
* Go ahead and play around with the ingredients. If you don’t like celery, for example, change it with another veggie you like better. 
*Cashews are also really nice and perfect for these kinds of recipes, but sesame seeds are more affordable and easy to find in most places around the world, 


THIS DISH IS FULL OF MINERALS, ESPECIALLY RICH IN CALCIUM. Because these minerals help your muscles and bones to relax, it makes it an ideal light meal before bedtime (Yes, it’s OK to eat before bedtime if you’re hungry! The brain also needs energy to dream and help cells recover).  

THE DRESSING, containing healthy fats and the broccoli chewing will make you feel satisfied quicker. The chewing gives time for your gut to send the right signals to your brain about satiety, these is because of the enzymes present when chewing food. Therefore, I also prefer to chew than to drink food.  It also helps being mindful about food - by looking at the food and feeling it inside my mouth, being aware of everything that's happening while I'm eating that food; this I find to be more difficult with smoothies and juices, since the experience happens much faster.