A few years ago I got fascinated by hemp. I tried using hemp butter, hemp oil, hemp flour and seeds for whatever I could experiment with. It was a lot of fun! Hemp flour has a rather odd flavor, so it's not easy to make food with, but I made one recipe that fits perfectly; the magnificent hemp bread!

This is the same bread made for ConnectGardstassing and No5. 

For 1 bread loaf or two thin loafs, you will need:

2 bananas (you could try using mashed apples or apple sauce, but I don't have a recipe for that yet)
100g rolled oats
117g crushed flaxseed
10g (2 tsp) Himalayan salt
5g (1tsp) xanthan gum
70g hemp flour
100g shelled hemp seeds (or crushed whole)
20g psyllium husk seeds
100g chia seeds, soaked in 300g water for about 20 minutes. 

Soak the seeds first, then add all the other ingredients inside a bowl and mix well until all is incorporated. The consistency should be quite sticky and not runny. 
Divide the dough into two bread forms.
Bake in the oven at 200 C, on a lower shelf for 1 hour. 

What is Hemp?

Hemp (or industrial hemp - aka not the one you smoke) is a variety of the plant Cannabis Sativa which is grown for its many several industrial products, its fiber has been used to make rope and paper back in like 10.000 years ago. Vikings used it! It's terribly easy to grow as it grows really fast and has very strong fibers!  Its' seeds have a good nutritional content, with all amino acids in higher concentrations than other plants and a great ratio of omega 3 fatty acids. It's a super food! Why we don't use it much is another manner I don't want to get into right now...

Had it not been for the illegal status of Hemp in Norway, I could have said this hemp bread was based on mostly local ingredients (except the banana and chia) and it would have been much more affordable, but unfortunately we have to import it from Sweden or Spain. When I first started experimenting with it I used crushed whole hemp seeds, I also used to make a lovely hemp milk. But now sales of whole seeds in Norway are not approved (I know, how ridiculous!), so I had to change the recipe a bit and make it with shelled seeds, this makes it more pricey. So for those who live in countries with regulations that make some kind of sense; this recipe could be more affordable!