Click here to read Cabin Life part 1 - End of Wintertime. 

 A beautiful spring start! Snow has melted completely away, although it snows every now and then, it melts right away again. The many many birds that are here are singing, butterflies are flying around, insects and spider are appearing more often. It's bursting with life! I haven't been to a place, besides the jungle of Brazil, with so many birds around, I'm so amazed. This place is full of them; there are packs of different birds hanging on the trees right by the cabin, it's so fantastic to look at. Every morning, when the sun rises we are woken by the birds singing. There's no better alarm than that. 


Once I thought I was dying and when I awoke the following morning, I heard the sound of the birds singing. I've never been so happy to hear birds sing before. So every time I hear them sing, I stop and listen and remind my self what a gift is to be alive!


A typical looking Norwegian cabin

Asbjørn has been carving some wood mushrooms around the cabin!

I started planting some kale so that I can plant it outside when the ground is ready. Which in this climate zone (h7-8) will be around the end of April. I might plant some other herbs this year too.

Last year's first attempt to make a spiral herb garden! 

In the summer it will be full of blueberries

Strawberries survived the winter

Thelma, our companion forest dog. She loves being here, where she is free to be outside as much as she wants and do whatever dogs do. 

Thelma, our companion forest dog. She loves being here, where she is free to be outside as much as she wants and do whatever dogs do. 

At the farm which is right behind the cabin, there's a house I like to call: "Bringebærhuset" in Norwegian this means "Raspberry house", because it's surrounded by raspberry bushes. A beautiful big log house originally built as a barn a long, long time ago, later it became a home for someone. It needs quiet a lot of repairing. Inside there's one room we kept neat so that we can use it while construction is being done. Also as a small sanctuary for ourselves and friends to meditate, draw, play instruments, do yoga, etc.  Right now it's like an alternative to the cabin. Like a cabin for the cabin. When this becomes a home, we'll have to find another spot.

This is our Hipster desk. we found an old device to flaten/iron fabric, I have no idea what this device is called.

little tree chill spot

This is the actual barn, not the house.

We gotta keep the evil spirits out

The reason why we are temporarily living in this place is because we are saying good bye to our luxurious top floor apartment in Oslo, to go on to another adventure we are super excited about! (I'll write more about it on another entry very soon). Let's just say that having a luxury apartment in Oslo and not living in it is certainly not the smartest thing in the world. Yes, we could do Airbnb and such, but simply put: we do not want to deal with that. We have to also leave the catering service on hold for the moment, because we don't have a proper place anymore in Oslo. We'll continue with food when we get back from our upcoming adventure.

It's a little sad to leave such a beautiful apartment, but to be honest, we've been traveling so much and never really made it a real home, it never had a soul, it was just a very clean and white apartment. We really like the cabin and the farm too, it's so cozy and intimate. There's no dishwasher, nor a proper shower, but man those things really are just a luxury. I don't mind washing by hand, I find it very meditative. It really makes you notice how much stuff one doesn't need.

We are very fortunate people.