This looks like the roads are good, but really they are very confusing and not well marked everywhere. After we got to the atlantic ocean and started heading south, the signs got much better.

France is a very big country and we like to take a lot of pictures, so here it goes, another post for France! And you know, things change a lot from the north, then the inner country through the south coast. The food becomes more seafood and less cheese, more fruits, more fresh. The weather changes so fast for us, we are certainly not afraid of climate change. Our bodies are so adapable; our skins are changing all the time ;) 


As we were heading closer to the atlantic ocean, we felt the cold winds on our bodies; totally different from the heavy and hot airs of the inner country, which we have felt for a very long time. Well, on our travel time goes pretty slow, it feels like an eternity, so many things happen...So many different impressions in just a few hours!



We can see the ocean! Brr, it's getting cold and humid.

When the wind is on your side, you start getting a little cocky.

Once there, at a place called La Rochelle, we visited a little island called Ile de Ré,  suppose to be a paradise for bikers! And yes, the island has some roads only for bikers, and compared to many places in France, it was heaven. Most people biking there don't seem to know what they're doing though, or they may have had a bit too much wine; it is a very touristic attraction for rich french vacationers. A beautiful place indeed, but for us it wasn’t quite amazing, as we are not crazy about touristic attractions like these.

When it comes to food, restaurants seem to be very good at always choosing local ingredients. Different regions offer different food, depending where they are located. This is of course very good! But they could make more use of their amazing fruits and vegetables their soil is able to give, not just use animals for their milk and bodies. Even in fashionable modern places (except Paris) have we not been able to find a decent vegan restaurant or to the least vegetarian. Difficult to tell though, because as I mention on my previous post: the restaurants close at whenever they feel like. On the other side, bio/organic stores have been easier to find in bigger sizes, with a lot of selection; though some products were as expensive as in Norway - but definitely better quality!

Cute little restaurant/bar; fish and seafood though. Which is totally understandable giving the location. 

Just another random place we passed by, Brouage, after passing Rocherfort (which seemed quite dead) with a Bicycle museum! Back in the days they called these devises the walking machines! Very interesting to see how many years we have made it so uncomfortable for our butts. 

We do love eating our lovely hummus and olive picnics, but sometimes it's nice to find a restaurant that makes plant based foods only, you know; to find inspiration! There have been some places who have been so kind to change their common dishes to vegan dishes, like Les Mouettes in Carcans Plage and well, there's always pizza places. 

We got so fed up with french restaurants, so we took a simple Italian meal this time!  

Pizza and a salad, so simple yet so good. Besides this time we could understand what they were saying. SO easy: "just vegetables", "no problem!" 

Tight road after Carcans Plage, looks like Belgians have been here, but had a low budget. Just another challenge for us.

The dunes of Pilat, also called The Grand Dune, the tallest sand dune in Europe! 110 m above sea level. Yes, you gotta walk the sand mountain! (there are stairs too, but walking on sand is so much better!)

Biocoop, a big bio/organic store

BIg bio/organic stores

By the south coast we found a cool little surfer town which is saved in our hearts, called Mimizan. It's usually a huge tourist attraction for the french tourists in around July and August, but in every other month of the year the town is almost empty. We found a good restaurant that served vegetarian dishes with vegan options and the owners of the place were super nice. We decided to stay here for two nights, because the feeling was great and our bodies needed the rest. Finally we could walk barefoot and feel the sandy ground. 


We got lucky in MImizan. 

L'umaami: The best place in the whole of France. Not 100% plant based, YET, worth a try! 


We could not believe our eyes of the beautiful beaches we have been seeing along the coast. It seems there are a lot of surfers paradise around these regions. We had no idea. We’ll be showing you more of the beautiful beaches on our next blog post (about the Basque country). The best thing about getting to the coast and heading south is that restaurants and other places start opening more and more. The roads (if following the Camino de Santiago) get better and better as well. 


This world is beautiful, everywhere.

People are beautiful, everywhere.

And animals too...

...and plants!

Everything is beautiful! 


Meeting more friendly creatures

When we looked up we were encountered with this huge circle around the sun. Do you see the little black dot on the lower left? That's an airplane. 

Coming up next, the awesome Basque Country! (French and Spanish side) 


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