After the Being Gathering, we biked something like 50km, to the nearest town called Castelo Branco, there we were going to take the train to Lisbon.

We decided some days earlier to take trains on our return, because we didn't have another two months to bike back, there were several engagements we put ourselves into right after our trip. First we thought of the plane, but unfortunately (and these are the few disadvantages about having electric bikes) the batteries are not aloud inside planes, because "they could explode" or something like that. We would have to send the batteries by mail, to be shipped with trucks or ships, and also take the bikes with us and ship them as extra heavy (and they are quite heavy!) luggage. This would have costs us a lot of money. We then thought that trains would be a great idea, imagining us enjoying the beautiful landscapes, while sitting comfortably inside a secure and beautiful train. So tranquile and serene. 

But that beautiful dreamy bubble was about to end as we were encountered with several not so ideal obstacles on our way...

Our first train ride direction Lisbon started quite nice, no extra charges for the bikes, the bikes fitted OK inside, the captain was cool and fun and everything seemed to go smoothley. Up until we had to change some trains and busses because of a forest fire threatning the roads. I'm talking about having to take all the bags we had off the bikes (so that they would fit inside the small lifts and trains) and on the bikes again whenever we needed to move to another place. Gosh, for such a hot day (40 degrees C!!!) it was a great workout. In and out of trains and buses with those bikes, was not an easy task...The lifts were not made for bikes and the stairs usually very long. But after doing it a few times we got good at it!

Finally, sweaty and tired, we made it to Lisbon and stayed there for a few short days - also visiting some friends of ours who we met back in Peru, they own a very cool surfing and yoga center in Ericeira, a great surf spot only about 50 minutes from Lisbon. 

Metro station in the center of Lisbon



Surf Yoga, kids teaching program! 

After relaxing with friends and the waves, we had to head back to the international station and buy the tickets home, or at least as far as the train could take us. So we bought a very expensive ticket that would take us and our bikes to Paris. I'm not getting into details, it was very expensive.

Happy people excited to get back home, unknowing of what was to come...

Unfortunately, when the train arrived (late) the people in charge of the train at first didn't let us in, they said "bikes don't fit". We told them we had paid a lot to get here and we were going to get these bikes in the train no matter what. Really, I was pretty pist off by then and told them: "Look, we are getting in this train, I don't care what you say, we paid, you see this ticket? a lot of money! we are getting inside".  My inner Argentinian got out.

So we did, we got in, but they didn't have any space for our bikes,  we had to dismantle them (while telling us to hurry up) and place them inside our sleeping cabin, which btw was suppose to have 2 beds, but because of the bikes now we had only one small bed to share.

Merci beaucoup SNCF your service really sucks! (excuse my french).

What a wonderful night that was! Here we present the pretty mess we made inside the train cabin. 

Once in France, there was a stop at the border to change trains to Paris. Again, more problems, they didn't let us in because of the bikes and they said we didn't have the correct ticket that showed we paid for all of this. So apparently either the shitty person at the desk selling us the tickets screwed us over or...Actually I can't come up with any other reason so I think it was him. Or maybe the universe was telling us "haha, you should have biked all the way home"... After all this, the universe was right, once again. But hey, we got a lot of experience unpacking and packing our bikes at super speed! 

In short, after several arguments and waiting on train stations, changing from train to train, we managed to get to Belgium! Were we were going to wait for like 12 hours in the quite nice city of Brussels! We also did stop in Paris, by the way, but we didn't see much of the city because we got there late and we were just interested in getting home.

Well at least we are in Belgium now, where bikes are well accepted inside trains.

We just had to stop and taste some of the real authentic beers of Belgium. Here we tried a very old kind, fermented for 20 years. They call it: "the Belgian champagne", now that's my kind of beer. We've been told that these kind of beers are not conventionally made, they are so "real" because they are being fermented in not the most hygienic places according to the normal standards of today. They do keep the flies away though, but that's because they keep the spiders alive to take care of that. The taste resembles Kombucha and I liked it! 

Yeah bitches, we got electric parking here! 

After taking a look around Brussels, which is pretty similar to Oslo (apart from its much older culture), tried some beers, watched people take pictures of a little boy statue/fountain pissing. Gosh, what is with that? People getting all crazy about statues of little naked boys? - We spend the night at the airport and waited for our bus that will take us to Amsterdam, after that we took another bus that drove us to Kiel, in Germany. Those busses are terribly uncomfortable, but they are cheap and they got our bikes on the back of the bus safely. 

From the Netherlands to Germany, our bikes survived pretty well behind this bus for like 20 hours.

Theeeen, we took the boat to Norway! The very fancy Colorline Ferry, with casino and over priced restaurants, flashy lights everywhere, and in our case: an ATM machine that sucked in both our credit cards so we were left with no money. Good thing we were heading to Norway and we could take care of things there. 

So, at last, we got safely in to Oslo, biked to Sandvika to leave our bikes in Scushi's workshop, and then home to rest. Now I'm back to sitting behind the computer eating chips and peanut butter...My body isn't too happy about that, I guess I'm gonna have to start working out a bit more. Or not, we'll see.