Our Energy bites and bars are usually made with a base of delicious, high quality Organic Medjool dates. We have a big variety of tastes and can make different types according to availability of ingredients and special diets. Some of them are more suitable for desserts, while others are more suitable as an after work out snack or quick breakfast. They are very nutritionally dens and full of fiber that will keep you fully alert and energized throughout your day. 

Try our most favorite and best sold RAW energy bites and bars:

- Carrot Cake Ball: Dates, carrots, walnuts, orange, himalaya salt, coconut, cinnamon, raisins. = 25kr

- Coconut Date Bar: Dates, coconut, vanilla, cinnamon, buckwheat, sunflower seeds, coconut sugar, himalaya salt. =30 kr

- Superpowers Ball: Cacao, raisins, Lucuma, cinnamon, oats, Maca, vanilla, carob, coconut sugar, Himalaya salt.  = 35 kr