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  • 33 Arnljot Gellines vei
  • Oslo, Oslo, 0657
  • Norway

We want to welcome you into our lovely home and give you some tips on how to eat more healthy raw foods on a budget and tight schedule (or for those lazy days). 

This course involves a very simple introduction to raw food were Magdalena will talk about her experience with eating raw, some nutrition, some tips for the cold season, etc. She is also going to share some very simple recipes where you do not need very exotic ingredients or kitchen equipment (such as the dehydrator.) By the end of the course we will of course be eating the delicious food together and if you want to, you can stay for some fun and dance :)

To join, send email with your name to: post@ficuspassion.com

Price: 200kr, and the first 10 people to pay in advance will be coming (since we only have space for 10). You can pay in advance with Vipps: 41 58 04 28 or by transferring to this account: 1201.54.97422 

Oslo: Thursday nov.10 at 17:30 - Our place, Etterstad Vest

Note: This course will be handling nuts, please let us know of any allergies and we will work something out.

You can find the event on facebook here: https://www.facebook.com/events/1619263221701350/

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